Come together on two separate days with Habitat for Humanity

by Jodi Gilman | Jul 19, 2016
On May 20 and June 24, Caring Community Partners and Hancock Health sponsored to help build the first Habitat for Humanity home in Hancock County. The project accommodated 12 people on each team. Being the giving and caring organization that we are, we predicted that we would have more volunteers than the projects could accommodate. Our prediction proved to be correct, and 50 Hancock Health associates put their name in the hat! 
A lottery was held and the following associate’s names were drawn for the build dates: Hope Bentley, Lana Bodkin, Janelle Burkhart, Lori Childers, Melissa French, Kellie McBride, Ray Pohland, Jennifer Stanley, Jessica Strunk, Brian Theurer, Carlee Turner, Jenny Weidner, Andrea Bell, Brandi Bever, Kate Brown, Angela Gish, Andrea Harris,
Angela Jenner, Nikki Keith, Steve Long, Deanna Miller, Trish Seybold, Bev Shortridge-Khajenouri, Peggy Welage and Marc Petrey.
  • IMG_0720I thought it was a great experience. I learned a lot and I felt that they explained how to do things very well. – Lana Bodkin
  • It is always good to see our associates that are from all departments come together and work for the good of a project or mission. It shows the great teamwork that we have here, and the care and compassion to help each other by being Caring Community Partners. – Marc Petrey
  • The project was a great opportunity to give back to the community in an active way, and also a great environment to build a greater sense of teamwork with co-workers! – David Flench
  • I stopped by to visit. I observed a lot of positive energy at the job site as employees from different departments worked together. Marc and another man were climbing in the rafters while the others were on the ground putting in windows. It was a cool morning with a slight breeze that kept people refreshed (i.e., not too hot). I got to meet Trish (the homeowner) and she liked hearing that we had so many people who wanted to work that we had to hold a lottery for the crews. – Russ Jarvis
    • I really enjoyed the day. It was a pleasure to meet Trish and all the staff from Habitat. They are truly passionate, grateful people. We also had a great team, everyone worked together and never a negative word. I heard that morning that ‘doing service work like this is just love in work boots!’ I thought that was perfect for the day! I hope Hancock Regional continues more opportunities like this! I am grateful to have had the opportunity and support from the organization to participate. – Kellie McBride
    DSCN1518• As I was leaving Friday afternoon, I said ‘thanks’ to one of the Tiger Volunteers and he said this group worked very well together and he hadn’t seen that in quite some time. He said that indicated what type of company we worked for. He asked how long I had been at the hospital and I said 13 years and he was very surprised and said again we must work for a great company. – Jennifer Stanley
    • Getting to meet and talk with the future homeowner was the best part of the day, although, the remainder of the day was really good too! The day was well organized and I felt like we were all able to make a significant contribution toward making a house a home. – Peggy Welage
    • It was an amazing day with awesome people. We were able to meet Trish, and talk about her home, wishes and dreams for the future. I was thankful to be able to give back in some way to a good cause that is helping give people the tools to be successful. – Angela Jenner
    • This was my first ever Habitat Day and it was amazing! Very well organized and so humbling to be a part of something so selfless to help a family. We had a lot of good help Friday and a lot of good laughs and talks throughout the day with the new homeowner! What an wonderful experience! – Nikki Keith
    DSCN1526• The house is really nice. I felt it was well organized. I really enjoyed working side by side with Steve Long and others from throughout the hospital. The home owner Trish was really sweet and even though her required hours are finished she still wants to be a part of all the construction. – Andrea Hittle
    • It was so awesome to allow HRH/HPN employees to be involved with such an fantastic organization as Habitat for Humanity. I was excited to find out HFH was building the first home in Hancock County. When I received the email that HRH was going to be a part of the build I was so happy that I was selected. It was my first experience with HFH and thoroughly was fulfilling. It was great to meet and get to know the homeowner, Trish. We all painted like it was our own home. We left with paint on us, sweat, new friends and such accomplishment! – Bev Shortridge-Khajenouri
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