It's about time we expand our offerings.

04-09-13_pv-01-aWe've already been building something pretty special here for Hancock County. In fact, many patients have already called us home for their cancer care. The friendly, familiar faces have helped them "feel comfortable" while receiving treatment.

Our new cancer center will house everything in one place, and will be a source for healing, enhancing the lifesaving services we offer now:

Additional Exam Rooms and Private Medical Oncology Suites

Comfort is every bit as important as outcomes, so we want to continue to offer our care as efficiently, appropriately and privately as possible. New rooms and suites will make that possibility a reality.

Clinical Trials

Research continually brings us closer to a cure. We'd like to bring that research to Hancock Regional Cancer Center, bringing along with it the types of drug therapies now known only to science.

The Center of Care

06-05-14_final-lobby-2This will be the most advanced cancer treatment center our county has ever known. It will be home to the latest and most advanced technologies and therapies with a compassionate team of experts. Most importantly, patients will stay close to home for their care.

Nurse Navigators

Each patient will have a person to guide them the whole way, acting as their advocate.

Oncology Surgeons

Patients receive the most precise surgical treatments without having to travel.

Dietary Services

06-03-14_final-lobby-1Our dieticians support patients as they learn to improve their health through diet.

Social Worker

We help cancer patients deal with home, school, work and family concerns.

Physical Therapy/Wellness Center

We provide the people, space and equipment that patients need to rebuild their strength and stamina.

Financial Counseling

06-03-14_final-treatmentWe help provide concrete ways for patients to manage insurance, income and expenses.

Boutique Services

Patients can feel like themselves again through our pampering services.

PET CT Scanner

Essential to cancer care, Hancock Regional Hospital has this technology here.

Linear Accelerator

06-03-14_final-linacFew other tools attack cancer more directly. This will be a valuable addition to our center.


We currently provide chemotherapy treatment, saving local patients travel time.

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