In the words of our providers

Thomas M. Jones MD, FACOG – Hancock OB/GYN

JonesOur team of physicians and nurses have delivered over 9,000 babies in my 20 plus years at Hancock Regional Hospital. We have been able to provide excellent care to the community by adapting to changes in medical care and embracing the variety of expectations our patient’s desire.

Lawrence J. Lo MD, FACOG – Hancock OB/GYN

LoAs we safely guide our patients through their pregnancies with our brand of exceptional medical care, we listen to their wants, hopes and desires. It is important to us that our patients feel at-ease, comfortable and well cared for.

Molly Strong MD, MPH – Hancock OB/GYN

StrongOur updated facilities will allow us to provide the highest level of obstetrical care in a more personal, comfortable and family- centered environment. Modern advances in obstetrics now allow us to provide specialized care for both mother and baby, closer to home.

Paul Halter MD, FAAP – Hancock Pediatrics

HalterOne of the greatest joys in pediatrics is being there for the first moments of a child’s life. In this critical time, a mother and baby develop a special and unique bond. My role is to ensure the health of the newborn as this bond is being created. It is really a blessing to celebrate the birth of an infant with a growing family.

Kim Heim NP, RNCS – Hancock OB/GYN

HeimI like to encourage women to embrace who they are, not who society tells them they should be. Love yourselves! Be happy and healthy!

Danae Young WHNP-BC – Hancock OB/GYN

YoungEmpowering women to take active roles in their healthcare through encouragement and education is what drives me as a women’s health care provider.
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