In the words of our patients

Amy Deugan and baby Evolet

Deugan-1I’ve had four children in the last five years, and I’ve had them all here. With our first child, we experienced unexpected complications. Dr. Jones and the nurses took incredible care of me. We spent four extra days in the hospital. During this time the entire staff was wonderfully accommodating, compassionate and comforting.
I love it at Hancock because the staff doesn’t change; we had the same nurses caring for us with all four children! I built a relationship with the nurses, which helps me trust them and feel more comfortable. Additionally, the lactation specialists have been so helpful, especially with my first baby. I came back several times to get help with breastfeeding.
I know several people who have gone to other hospitals to have their babies and were disappointed; the long drive makes it hard for families to visit, and the care wasn’t always very personal. They all came to Hancock for their second and third children.

Kristin Gluys and baby Delaney

Gluys-1My husband and I were both born at Hancock, and I have had all three of my girls here. It is great having the hospital so close by. I live just two minutes down the road, so it was very convenient for appointments…not to mention our “Big Day!”
Dr. Lo and all the nurses were so wonderful. I felt confident in their experience and knew they knew exactly what needed to be done, which helped me feel at ease. Everyone was very supportive of my birth plan, which included not having an epidural, although halfway through the birthing process I changed my mind. It took one minute for the anesthesiologist to come in and get me that epidural. I don’t believe that would have happened in a large hospital.
I had several family members in the room with me, including my two older daughters, and it was a little cramped. With the renovations, there will be more space and seating for families which is greatly needed!
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