Stephanie is a 51-year-old Navy veteran and the parent of three grown boys. Stephanie looks like the picture of health, that's why she was surprised to learn she had breast cancer after a routine surgery to remove a lump under her arm. The doctors found the lump and four lymph nodes to be cancerous. Stephanie's youngest son was able to take her to chemotherapy treatment at Hancock Regional Hospital for 19 weeks. After which, a week later Stephanie had to undergo a mastectomy, losing her left breast. She will start 5 weeks of radiation therapy next. But she will have to travel to another hospital, 45 minutes from her employment.

“It would be so nice to have radiation here, I could do it at the beginning or end of my work day," says Stephanie.

Dave Hahn knows a thing or two about Hancock Regional Hospital. He's worked here for 24 years. He's in operations, which involves virtually every area of the hospital. And he credits its surgeons and specialists with saving his life. Over a decade ago, Dave was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. "To be honest, I was all set to go to the Mayo Clinic for my surgery," Dave said. After meeting with a Hancock Regional physician, Dave changed his mind when he learned the success rate was similar to Mayo Clinic. Dave underwent surgery and had his lymph nodes removed as well as a colon resection. He followed up with 29 chemo treatments. Today, Dave is a survivor who has no regrets about staying close to home.

“If I had to do it all again, I’d make the very same decision. There was just something about being here.”
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