The hospice difference

HRH Hospice uses an integrated team approach to care. Physicians, nurses, social workers, aides, chaplains, volunteers and other health care professionals collaborate with families and patients to aggressively manage the troubling symptoms and to provide emotional support during a difficult time to the patient and the caregiver. It is our privilege to provide this care to the people of this community.

A unique hospice experience

At HRH hospice, we understand that every moment of every day matters and that patients who are suffering a life limiting illness should be afforded the highest quality care so that they can enjoy those moments and days as fully as possible. That's why we provide excellence in end of life care through our dedicated hospice team and that's why we offer a special acute care unit for our hospice patients who need it. While most patients can be maintained at home with the support of the hospice team, HRH offers options other hospice providers cannot. Our community has embraced the idea of hospice care and has been generous in providing the support to operate this special space at HRH to ease the way of hospice patients whose needs are too great for families to meet at home. This 7-bed, professionally designed wing is staffed with hospice professionals and includes amenities like family gathering space, a fully equipped kitchen, big screen TVs and a fireplace to make 'hospital' feel like 'home'.

There when you need us

HRH hospice provides availability of services 24 hours per day, every day. Nursing, social services and spiritual support are accessible any time to help relieve the suffering of our patients and families. While custodial care is not part of the Medicare Hospice Benefit, respite for caregivers is covered in our special unit for up to 5 days at any one time. While, most commercial insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid offer a hospice benefit, hospice care is always provided without regard to ability to pay.

Our doctor partners

We realize that just because a patient stops responding to treatment, his doctor doesn't stop caring about him. At HRH hospice, we make it a priority to update the referring physician. We know that the time to choose a hospice provider is an emotional time for a patient and family. We are honored when a physician or family place their trust in us.

For physicians:

For more information about Hancock Regional Hospice, call 317-468-4522.

If you would like to learn more about hospice care, we suggest this link:

For more information or to make a referral, please call Hancock Regional Home Care and Hospice at 317-468-4522.

Accepting Medicare/Medicaid and most commercial insurance

Accredited and licensed by the State of Indiana

HRH hospice is supported by the Rex A. Pasko Hospice Endowment. Your gift will impact hundreds of families for years to come. Contact the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation at 468-4583 for more information.

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