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Hancock Regional Hospital is committed to offering the region a coordinated Orthopedic Program of Care that demonstrates a Patients First philosophy as well as clinical and operational excellence. 

Services include:

For Injuries or Pain in the Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder

Acute injuries of the upper extremities may occur, such as wrist and elbow fractures, finger tendon and nerve lacerations, or shoulder dislocations.  Other conditions may be more chronic, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb basal joint arthritis, elbow tendinitis, or rotator cuff tears.  The physicians at Hancock Orthopedics can offer both non-surgical and surgical treatments for these and several other conditions, and a fellowship-trained hand & upper extremity surgeon is available to help you. 

For Adults with Chronic Joint Pain and Interest in Joint Replacement

Adults may acquire acute injuries or chronic conditions such as overuse injuries and arthritis from sports & fitness activities as well as activities in the work environment.  Early treatment can reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness, and can help a patient return to work or sports faster.  However, persistent symptoms or neglect can lead to arthritis.  More than 500,000 total joint replacements are performed in the United States each year. The main reasons for joint replacement are relief of pain and restoration of functional motion in joints that have been damaged by arthritis.  We have been helping patients regain mobility with new hips, knees, and shoulders at Hancock Regional Hospital Orthopedics for years.  Elbow and wrist replacements are also options in certain patients with end-stage arthritis.

For Children Who Are Active in Sports and Fitness Activities

In younger children who are involved in sports, acute injuries typically include bruises, sprains, and strains, but can also result in broken bones. Teenage athletes are more likely to sustain more severe injuries, including dislocations, fractures, and torn ligaments.  Although these injuries can also occur in adults, they are more problematic in children because they may affect growth or cause deformity. We are pleased to offer care for children with musculoskeletal injuries here at Hancock Orthopedics.

For Foot and Ankle Conditions

We also welcome patients with injuries and pain in the foot and ankle.  These may be caused by arthritis in the joints, nerve compression syndromes, ligament and tendon injuries, acute fractures and dislocations, or a variety of other problems.

To schedule an appointment at Hancock Orthopedics call (317) 477.6683 or 
call (317) 468.4663 (GOMD) to find a physician.

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