Some of the services offered by the department include: HIP (Healthy Indiana Plan), HHW (Hoosier Heathwise), Medicare SHIP site, Paternity Affidavits, Financial Assistance, Advance Directives and Indicare. 

Financial Application: 

Apply through Social Services or Patient Financial Services for consideration of reduction of bill and payment arrangements.

HIP: (Healthy Indiana Plan) - Social Services Department is an outpost to enroll adults ages 19-64 who meet guidelines in HIP.    

BCCP: (Breast and Cervical Cancer Program)  - Apply through Andis Women’s Clinic 468-4641 for exam, pap, and mammogram for women.  

WHW: (Women Helping Women) - The Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation supports free mammograms for women without insurance coverage ordered by physician. Apply through Andis Women's Clinic (317) 468.4641.  

HHW Medicaid: The Social Services Department is HHW (Hoosier Healthwise) outpost to enroll pregnant women and children up to age 19 in HHW.    

Other Financial Programs:  

Indicare: Patients without Rx coverage may apply through Social Services per Hancock Regional physician referral to obtain medication through pharmaceutical company programs.  

SHIP: (Senior Health Insurance Program), Seniors may be referred to Social Services or Senior Services (317) 462.3758 for assistance with Medicare, Medicare D, Medigap, Long Term Care, Hoosier Rx, etc

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