Four Healthy Lifestyle Choices When Living With Diabetes

Making healthy lifestyle choices when living with diabetes can help prevent further complications. Here are some tips to help patients take control of their condition so it doesn’t control them.

Control Weight

If diabetes patients are obese or overweight, they should strive to get their weight under control. This helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check and helps keep blood glucose levels steady.

Stay Active

Regular exercise can help people living with diabetes better control their weight. Thirty minutes of exercise, five times a week can help them stay at a healthy weight and maintain their general health.

Don’t Smoke

If diabetes patients smoke, now is the time to quit, since the habit increases the potential for heart attacks and stroke. Patients can talk to their doctors about available resources to help them stop smoking.

Proper Foot Care

Many diabetes patients experience nerve damage, so they may not notice when they sustain injuries on their feet. Diabetes patients should monitor their feet for cracking, sores, or other injuries that could develop an infection.

With appropriate management, patients living with diabetes can control the condition so it doesn’t prevent them from leading the life they desire.