Cyber Attack

At approximately 9:30 PM on Thursday, January 11, 2018, an attack on the information systems of Hancock Health was initiated by an as-yet unidentified criminal group.  The attack used ransomware, a kind of computer malware that locks up computers until a ransom is paid, usually in the form of Bitcoin.  Through the effective teamwork of the Hancock technology team, an expert technology consulting group, and our clinical team, Hancock was able to recover the use of its computers, and at this time, there is no evidence that any patient information was adversely affected.   Hancock is continuing to work with national law enforcement to learn more about the incident.  We plan to provide additional information to our community regarding this act soon.


I’m writing an article about the ransomware attack on Hancock. Would you please tell me why Hancock decided to pay the ransom to unlock its data?

Did Hancock have backups of the impacted data? Would getting those backups running take too long? Any additional information by my 3pm ET deadline today 1/16 is appreciated. Thanks.

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