Oliver’s Travels: February 15, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dear Journal,

Today was a very gloomy day outside, but with lots of puddles to play in! I wasn’t paying attention when Juan and I were walking into the hospital, so I fell into a big puddle… It’s OK though, hopefully, that will count as a bath instead!

We’re ALWAYS greeted as soon as we walk through the doors of the hospital. I think that people may be more excited to see me than Juan. Don’t tell him that though.

Juan and I made our normal route and stopped by Carol’s office. Everyone on the second floor seems to know who I am and expects me to come every couple of weeks. I must be so cute that they want to see me so often!

There weren’t very many patients that were as excited to see me as usual.

I wonder if I smell weird or something?

Or maybe it was because of the gloomy weather.

Anyways, I can usually count on the patients in Reflections to be excited about my arrival. I feel at home there.

We all walked down to the Andis Department, and had the chance to meet a family waiting for their new family member to be born! I met the nicest kids who loved petting me. One was so scared I was going to hurt him… but I would NEVER do that!

I’m a good boy!

I let him know that I was very nice and here to help people feel more calm by giving him kisses.

Down the hall we thought that IT might like to hang out for a little bit…. so we stopped by to say hello! They all were so welcoming that I didn’t want to leave.

By the IT office, I ran into a nice lady named Cheryl who hugged me for a good 5 minutes! I really liked her. I think the feeling was mutual.

Juan and I made our way to the third floor, and several nurses from AMG starting chanting my name as soon as I got off the elevator.

Poor Juan, no one chants for him.

We walked over towards them and they said they had a patient who was a dog person that would LOVE to see him. He even had a photo of his dog on a desk beside him. I hope that I cheered him up!

The end of our visit was quickly approaching, and I had to make ONE last stop and see the Volunteers at the Information Desk! I love all of the compliments that they give me. They are always happy to see me when I visit. I also showed them a trick. I think they liked it.

Overall it was a great day, and I met lots of new people. Keep up with my adventures and see what I’m up to around the hospital! Hopefully, I’ll get to meet even more people next time that I visit. I sure hope so.