Rock Steady Proclamation at North Street Fitness Festival

Mayor Fewell of Greenfield, IN will be making a proclamation for Rock Steady Boxing Day at the North Street Fitness Festival on Saturday, June 16th. Rock Steady Boxing is a national program that initiated Parkinson’s specific, non-contact boxing programs with certified coaches.

Hancock Health offers Rock Steady Boxing through the Hancock Wellness Center. Steve Long, Hancock Health’s CEO, and Bob Wortman will be present for the proclamation along with Mayor Fewell. Bob Wortman was instrumental in bringing Rock Steady Boxing to our community and is a strong advocate for this therapeutic class. Mayor Fewell will be presenting around 11 a.m. at the festival.

Rock Steady Boxing at Hancock Wellness Center

Boxers undergo a diverse training regimen to achieve the optimal body control it takes to be a good fighter. Boxers train to improve balance, hand-eye coordination, speed of movement, agility, muscle power, mental focus, and rhythm.

All of these things happen to be issues for people with Parkinson’s. So instead of focusing on the specific symptoms of Parkinson’s, people can learn a new skill that is fun and a good stress reliever while addressing many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

For more information about Rock Steady Boxing at the Hancock Wellness Center, please call us at (317) 468.6100 or click here.