LightenUp Program

Obesity has been a growing epidemic in our country for the past 30 years. As the prevalence of obesity and weight problems in America continues to rise, more and more people are turning to diets and wellness programs to help them shed extra pounds and increase their quality of life. The LightenUp program through Hancock Health is giving citizens of Hancock County a fighting chance at better health and chronic disease prevention.

Launched in February of 2020, LightenUp has its foundation in the holistic philosophy of lifestyle medicine. Led by physician Lori Deemer and her team consisting of a health coach, exercise specialist, registered dietician, and licensed social worker, this all-inclusive and broad-based program provides real results to those who need help losing weight. Deemer is trained in lifestyle medicine as well as obesity medicine, practices family medicine through the Hancock Physicians Network, and is the acting medical director of Hancock Wellness Centers.

Adding life to years instead of years to life

Deemer is passionate about helping patients achieve measurable results by building healthy habits and routines that can help them to better their quality of life. In our culture, we’re concerned with adding years to our life without thinking about what those years will be like if we don’t care for our bodies. By implementing big-impact lifestyle changes such as understanding nutrition, seeking therapy for underlying issues and working one on one with a health coach, Deemer’s LightenUp program provides the kickstart that many people need on their journey toward better health management.

The six major pillars of lifestyle medicine are addressed within the framework of the LightenUp program. These include stress management, nutrition, physical activity, supportive relationships, sleep, and reduction of harmful substances. With multidisciplinary support, Deemer’s team is looking to get people excited about their health and to feel empowered to take their wellness and lifestyle choices into their own hands. Even the nutrition and exercise aspects of the program are tailored completely to each individual person, making this program truly unique.

Health is possible!

LightenUp is a 9 to 10-month program that can be extended as maintenance for as long as needed. For the first six weeks of the program, patients meet weekly with various team members then, afterward, come on a biweekly basis. This adds up to about 22 visits, each one meant to optimize the six pillars of lifestyle medicine. It is Deemer’s hope that patients will feel like they are becoming free to be in their bodies and proud of themselves for making these huge lifestyle changes. With her team’s support, anything is possible.

LightenUp is financially accessible to everyone, with a low cost of $200 to start followed by a $100 monthly fee. Copays may apply depending on insurance, and the program’s team works hard to make sure the accessibility aspect is intact by applying a cap so that no one will have to pay excessive amounts financially to get the help needed. The LightenUp program meets on Thursday afternoons from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Interested? Call 317-468-4774 or email for more information or to register. Take your health into your own hands and get ready to meet a healthier you!