The Lily Pad, 11.15.2021

Monday Motivation

Creativity takes courage.

 -Henri Matisse

Where’s Hank?

One secret to Hank’s good health and general hoppiness is that he practices gratitude every day. You can, too! Start by watching Hank’s Gratitude Walk through Hancock Regional Hospital and celebrate Thanksgiving a little early.




What’s Happening With Health Possible?

Feeling well-rested? We hope so—healthy adults get about seven hours of sleep per night. If you’re falling short, check out our award-winning health and lifestyle website,, where we’re dedicated to protecting your Zs. 


Wrap Yourself in Inspiration

Cancer can take away a patient’s hair and their positive self-image—sometimes almost simultaneously. That’s something we had in mind when we created our Cancer Scarves program, which will put a collection of specially-designed scarves in our gift shops this holiday season. The scarves come in four patterns to match the journeys of four of our survivors. They were designed through a collaboration between the Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center patients and a local textile artist, Emily Gartner. Even before the scarves are on our shelves, the program has gotten some well-deserved attention from WRTV and the Greenfield Daily Reporter.


Hank’s Dad Joke of the Week

Q:What did the ocean say to the beach?

A: Nothing. It just waved.