The Lily Pad, 07.25.22

Monday Motivation

“I can, therefore I am.”

—Simone Weil

A Different Approach to Making Health Possible

Gateway is all about convenience, affordability, and removing all of the headaches too many patients have come to expect when they need health care. Remember the Grouchies? We’re working hard to make sure they never get in the way of making health possible. Visit the Gateway website to learn more about our different approach to health care. At Gateway, you’ll find labs and imaging for 70% less than you can expect to pay at a hospital, as well as walk-in physicals, pregnancy tests, and immediate care Monday–Saturday. And keep your eyes peeled for new Gateway marketing materials from our recent photo shoot on social media soon. 

Making Health Possible

Summer can be a difficult time for any parent. How do you keep your kids entertained, engaged, and help them continue to develop before they head back to school this fall? Our health and lifestyle website, Health Possible has a ton of helpful parenting tips to help you push through  the last few weeks of summer without pulling your hair out. Explore the links below, and find even more helpful content at

How much is too much? Answers on screen time. 

Too hot to go outside? Indoor activities for the whole family. 

Play time? Try these educational toys. 

Busting Myths about Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery

There are lots of misconceptions around plastic surgery. Check out our mythbusters video, and give it a share to help bust some of the most common ones. 

Hank’s Dad Joke of the Week

Q: Why do dogs float in water?

A: Because they’re good buoys.