The Lily Pad, 01.23.23

Monday Motivation

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

—Babe Ruth


Do you have a patient, friend, or family member who may need surgery this year? For many, surgery can be a scary prospect. That’s one reason we created—to give patients information backed by our board-certified surgeons. Next time you know someone with questions about surgery and medical procedures, send them a link you trust. 

Making Health Possible

Since we’re reaching the end of January, it’s time for a status check. Are you sticking with your resolutions? Most of us start out the year by setting some goals to live healthier, more productive lives. But even if you didn’t, we could all use some more healthy, delicious food on our table. Luckily, you have our health and lifestyle website to assist you. Dive into the articles linked below, and find even more healthful tips and recipes on the website. 

Meet Dr. P.J. Halter

This week, Hank is highlighting one of our pediatricians, Dr. P.J. Halter. Watch this short video to see why Dr. Halter made the decision to turn toward medicine in college, what he loves about working with children and their families, and where you can find him outside of work. 

Hank’s Dad Joke of the Week

Q: How do you measure the mass of an influencer’s following?

A: By Instagrams.