Top 5 Things About Delivering at Hancock Health

Nurse Ryleigh K.’s Top Five Things About Delivering a Baby with Hancock Health

The birth of a baby is a huge milestone, especially if it is your first time with a pregnancy, parenthood and everything that comes with it! At Hancock Health and our Andis Women and Children Hospital, it is our goal to make pregnancy an empowering time for women in which they can feel nurtured and cared for during their transition into motherhood.  

Recently, one of the labor and delivery nurses, Ryleigh K., was able to deliver her own baby girl, Mavery, right here with Hancock Health. Her experience is a testament to the caring and knowledgeable staff who hope to make pregnancy and birth a safe and beautiful experience for each family.  

Nurse Ryleigh works alongside the team she delivered her baby with, making it an extra special day for everyone. She says, about the experience, “it is something I will cherish forever.” Nurse Ryleigh also told us more about here labor and delivery and listed her top five reasons why she thinks Hancock Health was the perfect fit for her and her family. 

1. The best care 

Ryleigh knows a lot about care, as she has worked for various hospitals and loves her job at Hancock Health’s Andis department. “Hancock Health provided nothing but the best care. My husband and I both felt a sense of comfort and peace in knowing that our baby and myself were in such attentive, caring hands.”  

2. Personalized care

Delivering a baby through Hancock Health means you get a more intimate and individualized experience. “The care we received from our physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses truly felt personalized towards us and our needs,” says Ryleigh. 

3. You are more than a number

Hancock Health can offer personalized care because it is a smaller, community hospital. But that doesn’t mean you are sacrificing skilled or knowledgeable physicians. In fact, with Hancock Health you are getting the best of both worlds, in which you and your budding family can feel like more than a number while knowing you are under the guidance of caring and knowledgeable practitioners.  

4. Patient-centered care

Ryleigh and her family didn’t feel like they weren’t part of the decision-making process. In fact, she says, “Our doctor and nurses included us in our care plan and let us take the lead on listening to my body and what I needed at the time. I could walk when I wanted to walk and be up on the birthing ball during labor.” As a health system, Hancock Health knows that when patients feel empowered, any pregnancy or birth can be a much less stressful process. 

5. Supportive staff

Ryleigh and her family won’t soon forget their beautiful birthing experience through Hancock Health. “We will never forget the support we received from the lactation consultants and nursing staff.” Our doctors and nurses are skilled and ready to help babies and parents get acclimated to life together in a caring and nurturing environment. 

“If I had the choice to deliver at any hospital, I would choose Hancock Health every single time. They made the birth of our first child so special and memorable.”

Congratulations to Ryleigh K. and her husband on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Mavery. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us — we wish you all the best on your journey as a family!