We’re always working to give you the best.

Hancock Health strives to ensure safe, quality care for every person we serve.

We define quality as providing the right care at the right time—and always putting our patients first. To ensure this level of care, we continually refine care processes, standardize physician and staff communication, and seamlessly deliver information to your primary care physician.

We at Hancock Health have put in place safeguards to ensure a safe environment for our associates, patients, visitors, vendors, volunteers, and partners. Four major areas we have addressed are:

  1. Instituting an employee health screening process;
  2. Employing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols for the workplace, including regularly cleaning high-touch services;
  3. Enhancing the ability of associates, patients, visitors, vendors, volunteers and partners to wash hands or take other personal hygiene measures such as using hand sanitizer; and
  4. Complying with CDC social distancing requirements, including maintaining six-foot social distancing for both employees and members of the general public when possible and/or employing other separation measures such as face coverings or barriers.

Please know that Hancock Health is here for you should you have any questions. We are honored to be your healthcare partner during this time and always.

As always, we will together do everything we can to make Health Possible.

Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Hancock Health conducts regular phone surveys with patients who have received care from us. Download the PDF below to see what they say about our Inpatient and outpatient services.

Patient Experience Outpatient/Inpatient

Publicly Reported Quality Measures

At Hancock Health, we take part in many different publicly reported quality measures. Our results demonstrate our dedication to our patients and community, and you can see them by downloading the PDF below.

Publicly Reported Quality Measures

Other Quality Reports