Academic Calendar

Students begin the program the first Monday following July 4 of each year.  Students attend class at Hancock Regional Hospital one day per week and spend the four remaining days of the week at their clinical education site.

The program runs for 23 consecutive months. Students typically graduate the last week in May; the date may vary slightly.

Students are given Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day and July 4th as holiday days off. One day during the week will be given as a vacation day when the holiday lands on a weekend. Students are also given five days of vacation to use during the Christmas/New Year holidays. The dates need to be scheduled in advance with the clinical instructor. The available dates are published each year in the student calendar.

Additionally, junior students are given five days of vacation to be taken at any time during the months of June through August. These dates need to be scheduled with the clinical instructor in advance. Senior students are given five days of vacation during the last trimester provided time does not need to be made up. Students accrue personal time off which must be scheduled with the clinical instructor.


  • 1st Trimester: July through November
  • 2nd Trimester: November through March
  • 3rd Trimester: March through July
  • 4th Trimester: July through October
  • 5th Trimester: October through January
  • 6th Trimester: January through May

In the first-year students will rotate through a total of 53 clinical weeks. In the second year, students will rotate through a total of 45 clinical weeks.

Students are assigned to the clinical site 4-5 days per week between their 3rd and 4th trimesters (Memorial Day through Labor Day); some didactic classes take place during that time. During the remainder of the program, students are assigned to the clinical site four days per week. During the second year, those four days include weekdays, weekends, and evening shifts (see Hours for Didactic and Clinical Education below). Students typically accrue approximately 2700 hours of clinical experience during the entire program.

During the second year, students will be required to spend at least two days at the program’s clinical education sites to which they are not assigned (see Alternate Clinical Education Site policy).

Hours for Didactic and Clinical Education

Students are assigned a maximum of 37.5 hours per week of education. One day per week is spent in classroom study and four days per week in clinical education. Assigned times are posted on the didactic and clinical rotation schedules. Hours are typically from 7-3, 8-4, or 9-5 during the first year. The second-year includes 1pm-9pm rotations. Weekend hours will be assigned during a few rotations in the student’s second year. Night shift hours are not routinely assigned, however, students may voluntarily request to work these unconventional hours during their elective rotations.  All requests must be approved by the program faculty.

Assigned times and rotation schedules are dependent upon patient load and specialty areas; therefore, assigned times and schedules are subject to change at any time during the 23-month educational program.

The Student Handbook includes additional attendance policies.

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