Q: Can or do your students work at a job while in your program?

A: Yes, many of our students do work in addition to attending school, however, it is not easy to do so. Our students are in clinic 4 days per week and in class 1 day per week. Additionally, during the second year, students rotate through weekend and evening rotations. Being in this program is like going to school full time AND working full time. Students must adjust their work schedule around the assigned clinical and class hours.

Q: What are the prerequisite courses for your program?

A: College Algebra or higher math; Chemistry or Physics (taken in college or high school); Medical Terminology; Speech or Communication, Composition, Anatomy & Physiology I & II; Psychology or Sociology. Minimum course grade of C-

If you do not have a degree:

You must take 15 credit hours of your prerequisite courses thru Ivy Tech and also take IVT 112

See more information on “Information for Applicants Without A Degree”

Q: Do you offer financial aid?

A: We do NOT participate in FAFSA, the federal financial aid program; however, many of our students are eligible to obtain financial help through WorkOne and enrolled students are eligible to apply for the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation scholarships. Additionally, several of our students have been able to obtain scholarships through their community foundations. See “Tuition, Fees, Refund Policy, and Scholarship Information”

Q: How is tuition paid?

A: Tuition may be paid in one or two installments prior to the beginning of the first and second years.