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Meet Dr. Kerri Kissell

“What makes Hancock Health different is our focus on the principles of love.” That’s what motivates Dr. Kerri Kissell, medical director for endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism at the Hancock Internal Medicine office in Greenfield. She’s committed to providing  excellent patient care …Continue Reading.

Meet Dr. Sewit Amde

“I strive to see each patient with a wider lens, and an appreciation for the whole person.” So said Dr. Sewit Amde, MD, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who’s part of Hancock Health. Dr. Amde has worked in Greenfield for almost 10 years and joined Hancock Health in August of 2019. She f…Continue Reading.
What is C Diff?

What is C Diff?

What is Clostridium Difficile Infection or C Diff? Clostridium difficile is a spore-forming bacterium or germ that normally lives in the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines).  The bacterium causes inflammation of the colon.  It accounts for 15-25% of all antibiotic-associated diarrhe…Continue Reading.