As we head into the holiday season, it’s clear: Things are still different. Mask wearing and social distancing are in, and, for the foreseeable future, big, family gatherings are out. We’ve replaced them with virtual dinners and phone conversations.

We support all of those efforts to make health possible as we navigate the COVID-19 era. To help even more, this page is a hub of easy-to-access information about our hospital, doctors’ offices, and navigating this new normal in our community.

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And, if you think you or someone you’re in close contact with might have the disease, call our COVID-19 hotline at 317-325-COVD(2683).

Important Updates

Want to know the latest and most important COVID-19 news? Check here regularly for breaking coronavirus news and video updates from Hancock Health President and CEO Steve Long.

We're Ready to Serve All Your Healthcare Needs

We are open and ready to help you. Sure, we’ve made a few changes to keep everyone healthy, but we’re here 24/7! Want to talk? Contact us. Interested in how you can reduce your wait times in our offices and what we’re doing to keep you safe?

  • Find out how we’re keeping our associates safe and read more on the Indiana State Department of Health guidelines regarding testing procedures for Hancock Health employees
  • Find out how to Save Your Spot for lab tests, X-rays, and immediate care

Bending the Curve

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Central Indiana community has worked together to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Now, as we resume a new normal version of our lives, we support ongoing state and local efforts to continue the fight COVID-19. Learn more: