Protect yourself—and your whole community—with a COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s how.

The vaccine is here, it’s going to make our community safer for everyone. Check this page to see when it’s available for you and your family.

The shot says we care.

First things first: We vaccinated our local healthcare professionals and first responders to make sure the people interacting with you across our health system are protecting their own health while they help protect yours.

Can you get the vaccine now?

All Indiana residents, 16 and above, will be eligible for the vaccine by March 31st.

Check this list frequently—and follow Hancock Health on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for news about when you can get the vaccine.

What can you expect when you come for your shot?

After your arrival at Hancock Regional Hospital, we’ll get you checked in so you’re ready to receive the vaccine.  Administering the vaccine takes only a couple of minutes: As with any vaccine, we’ll swab your arm with alcohol, give you the shot in your arm, and cover it with a bandage. The only difference is, we’ll ask you to wait 15 minutes before leaving after you receive the shot while our team observes you to make sure you don’t have any adverse reaction.

Let’s get you an appointment.

When you’re eligible, Hancock Health is administering the COVID-19 vaccine at Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield—but you need to make an appointment with the State of  Indiana to get the shot. Sign up here and choose the Hancock Regional Vax option, and you’ll be all set! Or if you’re having trouble registering online, call 211 from any phone for assistance.

One shot? You’re half done.

Remember, the COVID-19 vaccine requires two shots—the second one about three weeks after the first. Part of the process of getting your first shot will be making an appointment for the second one. Our team will personally schedule your second-shot appointment for a day and time when it’s convenient for you. Don’t forget to mark the date and time on your calendar!

Still have questions?

We have answers—in fact, we’ve put them in video form. Check out our Vimeo page for more in-depth information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The University of Kentucky has also published an excellent article that separates fact from fiction regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The more you know, the better able you are to help make health possible for yourself, your family, and our whole community.