The Associate Crisis Fund is made possible through donations to LIFT.

What is the Associate Crisis Fund? (ACF)  The Associate Crisis Fund was created to provide immediate financial assistance to associates who have encountered a personal hardship that was unforeseen and beyond their control.

Where do the funds come from?  ACF is supported by donations from associates through LIFT (Let’s Invest for Tomorrow)—the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation associate giving club. 25% of each payroll donation
from HRH and HPN associates is set aside for the ACF.

Who have you helped?  170 associates have received gifts from the Associate Crisis Fund since it began in 2005, and more than $75,000 has been given in total.

Who can apply? Any current full or part time HRH or HPN associate who has completed their probation period and has experienced an unanticipated financial hardship is eligible to apply. Associates can receive assistance once per calendar year. Associates cannot receive assistance for more than three consecutive years.

How do I apply?  Contact your Supervisor/Director or the Foundation for an application. You can also download the form HERE. Fill out the form and return it as directed. Each request is carefully reviewed by selected LIFT committee members. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, associates may only receive ACF assistance one time per year. Return the completed application to the Foundation Office, or you may email it to

Can I help?  YES. Join LIFT through a payroll deduction and 25% of your pledge or gift will support the Associate Crisis Fund. Any single donation is gratefully accepted and tax-deductible. You can join the LIFT committee and play an important role in the ACF and support of important hospital and community health initiatives. AND you can spread the word that HH associates take care of one another in times of hardship and crisis.