Invest in the health of Hancock County. Become a Patron of Health.

Patrons of Health is a select group of individuals who care deeply about quality health care services in Hancock County. Each of them has committed to making an annual cumulative contribution of $100 to $999 to the Hancock Health Foundation.

If you share their passion, you can become a Patron of Health today by calling (317) 468-4106 or using our secure online donor page—it’s safe, fast, and easy. Donations are tax-deductible, and can be made in installments. For your support, you will receive:

  • An annual listing on a plaque displayed prominently in the hospital
  • Invitations to special VIP events and educational programs
  • Personal recognition in Foundation and hospital publications

Patrons of Health Members


Brad and Carole Arthur / Bradford Builders Inc.
Mike and Barb Kindler
Edgar & Marcia Moore / Moore’s Repair
Mike and Debbi Barnhart
Margaret Targett
Gwen Betor
Thomas Reynolds
Marna and Keith Guenin
Betsy Friedenberg
Richard and Sharon Griggs
Richard and Ann Parker
Barbara Barksdale
J. Scott and Amy Wooldridge
Phil and Charlotte Slaughter
Brenden Box
DeWayne and Karen Roland
Sarah Davis
Phyllis Garvey
Tracy and Lisa Gant
Terry and Susan Tillett
Guy and Kathy Titus
David Seevers
Larry and Marsha Ellett
Philip and Sharon Hunt
Sarah Wolf
Joe and Pat Parker
Jamie Bell
Dustin Mayhugh
Eric Truitt
Lacey Griggs
Keith West
Jarrod Beeson
Ty and Peggy Hays
Robert and Carolyn Glazier
Nellie Mershon
Caleb Helderbrand
Dakota Wishmeier-Barkwill
David and Regina Bever
David and Susan Bodkin
Thomas and Marciann Miller
John Jester
Zane Copeland
John and Cheryl Apple
Becky Blue
Ronald Carwein
Stephen and Debbie Wilkerson
Victor Tolody
Brett Fischer
Richard Basey
Todd Sutton
Tom and Terry Beagle
Sandra Kinnaman
Frances Adkins
Dominique Egbert
Fred & Debbie Applegate
Spencer Hert
Monica Sexton
Dave and Janice Pasco
Earl and Betty Sue Haywood
Max and Barbara Owens
Bradley and Angela Coy
Ken and Becky Honeywell