Find the doctor who’s right for you—and your family.

No matter your age or health status, it’s a good idea to have a primary care or family doctor to help you stay healthy—and deal with health concerns quickly when they arise. Once you find the Hancock Health or Hancock Physician Network doctor who fits your needs, make sure to visit regularly to keep up-to-date on immunizations, health screenings, and other preventive health issues. Your physician can also answer any questions you may have about changes in your health or life.

Care for All Kinds of Patients

Our primary care physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners care for patients of all ages, including those with chronic illnesses and other special health needs. Our doctors coordinate with specialists in the Hancock Health Network and beyond for those times when your health needs exceed the everyday. We’re pleased to offer the following services through the Hancock Health provider that’s most convenient to you:

  • Annual exams and check-ups
  • Preventive screenings, treatment, and consultation
  • Diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses
  • Wellness support and education
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Support in managing chronic illnesses
Choosing a Provider

Choosing Your Primary Care Provider

To find the provider that’s right for you, consider which factors (such as specialty, location, and gender) are most important. Then use our online tool to help find the doctor that fits you best. Some things you may want to consider:


  • Internal medicine. These physicians specialize in prevention and treatment of disease and chronic illness but typically see only adult patients.
  • Family medicine. These specialists see patients of any age and can potentially treat your entire family.
  • PediatriciansPediatricians specialize in the care and treatment of infants and children.
  • OB/GYN. Specialists in the care of women during all stages of life, from pregnancy to menopause and beyond.
  • Nurse practitioners (NPs). Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who are educated and trained to keep patients healthy; they diagnose and treat both acute illness and chronic conditions. As primary care providers, they can order treatments, perform advanced procedures, prescribe medications, and make referrals for specialized care. 


Your primary care provider is your medical home, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with him or her. If you prefer discussing your health with a man or a woman, that can be a good place to start in making a primary care decision.


With more than a dozen locations to choose from, Hancock Health and Hancock Physician Network have a location convenient to you. 

Getting Started
Getting Started

Prepare for Your Visit

Call (317) 468-GOMD (4663) or use our Find a Doctor tool to explore your options.

What to Bring

We want you to get started with the best course of treatment as soon as possible. To help that happen, please bring the following information and resources to your appointment, or arrange for them to be sent by your doctor:

  • Medical records and reports
  • Personal and family medical history
  • List of current medications
  • Insurance ID cards
  • List of questions for the doctor

We invite you to bring a family member or friend along if you wish. Having someone to take notes and ask questions can be helpful.

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