A healthy digestive system is vital for physical and mental well-being.

Our digestive systems get us the nutrients we need and help get rid of the waste that we don’t. That’s why balanced digestive health is so essential. As we grow and age, our digestive systems change, too. Digestive disorders such as heartburn, IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and even cancer can develop.

It’s important to recognize when digestive health changes, and seek treatment before it becomes a bigger issue. Preventative exams and digestive health care from Hancock Health can help you stay healthy and live happy. Our Heartburn Center is here to help with a wide range of issues that can result from acid reflux, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hiatal hernia, and voice and swallowing disorders that can result.

We can help you find the right doctor to ensure your digestive health and advise whether it’s time for a diagnostic screening.

Getting Started
Getting Started

Prepare for Your Visit

To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call (317) 468-4664.


We want you to get started with the best course of treatment as soon as possible. To help that happen, please bring the following information and resources to your appointment, or arrange for them to be sent by your doctor.

  • Medical records and reports
  • List of current medications
  • Insurance ID cards
  • List of questions for the doctor

We invite you to bring a family member or friend along. Having someone to take notes and ask questions can be helpful.

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