A Healthy Tradition Continues

On Saturday, April 23, after hours of planning, organizing and preparing, the 33rd annual Heartbeats Health Festival went off without a hitch. “To have a health fair for 33 consecutive years and have 600+ people attend is pretty amazing. It wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of s…Continue Reading.

Creating Our County’s Wellness Roadmap – Part 1

On August 18, 2015, Hancock Regional Hospital (HRH) hosted a discussion to explore how Hancock County can positively impact our state and become the #1 place people want to live, work, learn, play, and pray in Indiana. The purpose was to explore the Blue Zones® concept, and determine if Hancock …Continue Reading.

It’s the Little Things We Do

Occasionally, little stories that really shine through as examples of great service come across my desk. One such heart-warming story recently was shared with me, and I feel it is worth sharing with all of you. A mother and daughter recently visited our Cancer Center Boutique. The mother is getti…Continue Reading.

We’re All Like Family

“Time to smile, Dashi!” Thus were the words of my 2 1/2 year old grandson, Oliver, to my 7 month old grandson Dash, as he was in midst of a crying spell.  Oliver is a very matter of fact boy.  When you ask if he is hungry, he will thoughtfully consider the question and answer a simp…Continue Reading.

A Passion for Serving the Under-Served

You’ve heard the name said before. You may have heard someone refer a patient here. You, yourself, may have referred someone here. You may even know that Hancock Health is a partner to us and responsible for helping to bring us to this wonderful community we live in and serve. But, what exact…Continue Reading.

An unforgettable journey to deliver wellness

February marked the beginning of an unforgettable journey to the Andhra Pradesh region of India. The Caring Community Partners team of nine volunteers prepared for over a year to serve on this medical missions trip to Machilipatnam.  This was the fifth trip to India that the hospital has…Continue Reading.

Prior to 1950

Prior to 1950, life expectancy was limited by the existence of communicable diseases that generally affected children (many people did not survive childhood; therefore overall life expectancy was low).  These diseases were transmitted principally by people, by water, and by food.  Because of th…Continue Reading.

Where is the healthcare industry going in the future?

Welcome to my first blog!  The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and observations on a wide variety of subjects.  I will attempt to provide updates once or twice a week and comment on relevant issues of the day, though I may occasionally go down a side road that seems particularly in…Continue Reading.
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